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仇浩-教授 2019-11-29

仇浩(Qiu Hao)






  • 欢迎具有环境科学与工程、土壤学、生态毒理学、金属生物地球化学、植物/动物生理学、生物信息学等专业背景的同学申请2020年度硕士及博士。
  • 土壤-地下水污染修复技术创新团队博士后招聘,长期有效http://gsgr.sjtu.edu.cn/CN/Default.aspx


We all depend on soil for a wide diversity of ecosystem services, for the production of food and water (provisioning), for the control of climate and disease (regulating), for global elemental cycles (supporting), and for spiritual and recreational benefits (cultural). But unfortunately soil is a fragile resource. Anthropogenic activities are increasingly causing soil degradation and decline in biodiversity which in turn threatens to diminish the capacity of the earth to sustain us. Often soil can become contaminated with trace elements due to either accidental or deliberate release. My research interests center around the behavior, fate, bioavailability, and effects of trace elements in the soil environment, with a view to improve ecological risk assessment and remediation of contaminated soils. To develop a qualitative and quantitative understanding of the environmental processes and impact of trace elements, we perform laboratory experiments, conduct field studies, and apply modeling to test ideas and hypotheses.


  1. Speciation, transformation, transport, bioavailability, and toxicity of trace metals;
  2. Fate and ecotoxicology of data-poor chemicals (nanoparticles, rare earth elements, microplastics) in soil environment;
  3. Biogeochemistry cycle of trace elements;
  4. Applying omics-based tools in risk assessment of metals and metal-based nanoparticles;
  5. Development of soil remediation strategies on a regional or site-specific basis.



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