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2023年7月,孙凯伦博士研究生的论文被Environmental Science & Technology接收发表。 详细

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2023年06月,方书伟硕士的论文被Journalof Environmental Management接收发表。 详细


2023年03月,任佳硕士的论文被Chemosphere接收发表 详细

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2020年SCI收录论文 2020-04-02

1. Nan, H.; Zhao, L.*; Yang, F.; Liu, Y.; Xiao Z.; Cao, X.; Qiu, H.; Different alkaline minerals interacted with biomass carbon during pyrolysis: which one improved biochar carbon sequestration? J Clean Prod.

2. Ji, J.; He, E.; Qiu, H.*; Peijnenburg, W.J.G.M.; Van Gestel, C.A.M.; Cao, X.; Effective Modeling Framework for Quantifying the Potential Impacts of Coexisting Anions on the Toxicity of Arsenate, Selenite, and Vanadate.  Environmental Science & Technology

3. Zhao, L.*; Xiao, D.; Liu, Y.; Xu, H.; Nan, H.; Li, D.; Kan, Y.; Cao, X.*; Biochar as simultaneous shelter, adsorbent, pH buffer, and substrate of Pseudomonas citronellolis to promote biodegradation of high concentrations of phenol in wastewater. Water Research

4. He, E.; Qiu, R.; Cao, X.; Song, L.; Peijnenburg, W.J.G.M.; Qiu, H.*; Elucidating toxicodynamic differences at the molecular scale between ZnO NPs and ZnCl2 in Enchytraeus crypticus via non-targeted metabolomics. Environmental Science & Technology

5. Qiu, Y. Xu, X.*; Xu, Z.; Liang, J.; Yu, Y.; Cao, X.*; Contribution of different iron species in the iron-biochar composites to sorption and degradation of two dyes with varying properties. Chem. Eng. J.

6. Qiu, H.; Xu, H.; Xu, Z.; Xia, B.; Peijnenburg, W.J.G.M.; Cao, X.; Du, H.; Zhao, L.; Qiu, R.; He, E.*; The shuttling effects and associated mechanisms of different types of iron oxide nanoparticles for Cu(II) reduction by Geobacter sulfurreducens. J Hazard Mater.

7. Fan, J.; Zhao, L.*; Kan, J.; Qiu, H.; Xu, X.; Cao, X.; Uptake of vegetable and soft drink affected transformation and bioaccessibility of lead in gastrointestinal track exposed to lead-contaminated soil particles. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 

8. Nan, H.Y., Zhao, L.*, Yang, F., Liu, Y., Xiao, Z.X., Cao, X.D., Qiu, H., Different alkaline minerals interacted with biomass carbon during pyrolysis: which one improved biochar carbon sequestration? J. Clean. Prod. 2020. 

9. Jianqiu Li, Erkai He, Ana Romero-Freire, Xinde Cao, Ling Zhao, Hao Qiu*. Coherent toxicity prediction framework for deciphering the joint effects of rare earth metals (La and Ce) under varied levels of calcium and NTA. Chemosphere 2020, 254,125905. 

10. Jun Liang, Xiaoyun Xu*, Qijun Zhong, Zibo Xu, Ling Zhao, Hao Qiu, Xinde Cao*. Roles of the mineral constituents in sludge-derived biochar in persulfate activation for phenol degradation. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2020: 122861. 

11. Wang, W.; Zhao, L.; Cao, X.*, The microorganism and biochar-augmented bioreactive top-layer soil for degradation removal of 2,4-dichlorophenol from surface runoff. Science of the Total Environment, 2020,733:139244 

12. Jin Fan, Xiang Chen, Zibo Xu, Xiaoyun Xu, Ling Zhao, Hao Qiu, Xinde Cao*. One-pot synthesis of nZVI-embedded biochar for remediation of two mining arsenic-contaminated soils: Arsenic immobilization associated with iron transformation. J Hazard Mater. 2020 

13. Bing Gong, Erkai He, Willie J.G.M. Peijnenburg, Yuichi Iwasaki, Cornelis A.M. Van Gestel, Xinde Cao, Ling Zhao, Xiaoyun Xu, Hao Qiu*, Coupling mixture reference models with DGT-perceived metal flux for deciphering the nonadditive effects of rare earth mixtures to wheat in soils. Environ Res. 2020 

14. Bing Gong, Erkai He, Hao Qiu*, Cornelis A. M. Van Gestel, Ana Romero-Freire, Ling Zhao, Xiaoyun Xu, Xinde Cao. Interactions of arsenic, copper, and zinc in soil-plant system: partition, uptake and phytotoxicity. Sci Total Environ. 2020 

15. Nan, H.; Xiao, Z.; Zhao, L.;Yang, F.; Xu, H.; Xu, X.; Qiu, H., Nitrogen transformation during pyrolysis of various N-containing biowastes with participation of mineral calcium. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 2020. 

16. Li X, He EK, Xia B, Van Gestel, CAM, Peijnenburg WJGM, Cao XD, Qiu H*, Impact of CeO2 nanoparticles on the aggregation kinetics and stability of polystyrene nanoplastics: Importance of surface functionalization and solution chemistry. Water Res. 2020, 116324. 

17. Deping Li, Ling Zhao *, Xinde Cao, Ziyue Xiao, Hongyan Nan, Hao Qiu. Nickel-catalyzed formation of mesoporous carbon structure promoted capacitive performance of exhausted biochar. Chemical Engineering Journal, 2020: 126856.

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