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2023年7月,孙凯伦博士研究生的论文被Environmental Science & Technology接收发表。 详细

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2023年06月,方书伟硕士的论文被Journalof Environmental Management接收发表。 详细


2023年03月,任佳硕士的论文被Chemosphere接收发表 详细

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2022年SCI收录论文 2023-07-13

1.        Qiu H, Lou Z, Gu X, et al. Smart 6S roadmap for deciphering the migration and risk of heavy metals in soil and groundwater systems at brownfield sites nationwide in China[J]. Science Bulletin, 2022, 67(13): 1295-1299.

2.        Li, W.X.; Zhang, P.H.; Qiu, H.; Van Gestel, C.A.M.; Peijnenburg, W.J.G. M.; Cao, X.D.; Zhao, L.; Xu, X.Y.; He, E.K., Commonwealth of soil health: How do earthworms modify the soil microbial responses to CeO2 nanoparticles? Environmental Science & Technology, 2022, 56, 2, 1138–1148.

3.        Xu, Z., Yu, Y., Xu, X., Tsang, D. C., Yao, C., Fan, J., Zhao, L., Qiu, H., Cao, X. Direct and Indirect Electron Transfer Routes of Chromium (VI) Reduction with Different Crystalline Ferric Oxyhydroxides in the Presence of Pyrogenic Carbon. Environmental science & technology. 2022, 56, 3, 1724-1735.

4.        Yin, J.X.; Zhao, L.*; Xu, X.Y.; Li, D.P.; Qiu, H.; Cao, X.D., Evaluation of Long-term Carbon Sequestration of Biochar in Soil with Biogeochemical Field Model. Science of The Total Environment, 2022, 822, 153576.

5.        Zhang P.Y.; Fan J., Xu X.Y.*; Xu Z.B.; Yu Y.L.; Zhao L.; Qiu H.; Cao X.D., Contrasting effects of dry-wet and freeze-thaw aging on the immobilization of As in As-contaminated soils amended by zero-valent iron-embedded biochar[J]. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2022, 426:128123.

6.        Luo, Y.; Li, Z. P.; Xu, H. C.; Xu, X. Y.; Qiu, H.; Cao, X. D.; Zhao, L.*, Development of phosphorus composite biochar for simultaneous enhanced carbon sink and heavy metal immobilization in soil. Science of The Total Environment. 2022, 154845.

7.        Li X, Ji ST, He EK, Peijnenburg WJGM, Cao XD, Zhao L, Xu, XY, Qiu H*, UV/ozone induced physicochemical transformations of polystyrene nanoparticles and their aggregation tendency and kinetics with natural organic matter in aqueous systems. J Hazard Mater. 2022, 433(5), 128790.

8.        Zhang, P., Li, W., Qiu, H., Liu, M., Li, Y., He, E. Metal resistant gut microbiota facilitates snails feeding on metal hyperaccumulator plant Sedum alfredii in the phytoremediation field. Ecotoxicology and environmental safety 236,113514.

9.        Wei, Y., Yuan, C., Xu, X.*, Chen, X., Ren, Z., Gui, X., Zhao, L., Qiu, H., & Cao, X*. (2022). Colloid formation and facilitated chromium transport in the coastal area soil induced by freshwater and seawater alternating fluctuations. Water Research, 218, 118456.

10.     Gui, X., Ren, Z., Xu, X., Chen, X., Zhao, L., Qiu, H., Cao, X*., 2022. Oil spills enhanced dispersion and transport of microplastics in sea water and sand at coastal beachheads. J. Hazard. Mater. 436, 129312.

11.     Li, W.X.; He, E.K.; Zhang, P.H.; Li, Y.S.; Qiu, H., Multiomics analyses uncover nanoceria triggered oxidative injury and nutrient imbalance in earthworm Eisenia fetida. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2022, 437, 129354.

12.     Ren, Z., Gui, X., Xu, X., Zhao, L., Qiu, H., Wang, X., Cao, X*., 2022. Weathering of microplastics and their enhancement on the retention of cadmium in coastal soil saturated with seawater. J. Hazard. Mater. 129850.

13.     Chen, K., Liang, J., Xu, X., Zhao, L., Qiu, H., Wang, X., Cao, X*, 2022. Roles of soil active constituents in the degradation of sulfamethoxazole by biochar/persulfate: Contrasting effects of iron minerals and organic matter. Sci. Total Environ. 853, 158532.

14.     Jun Liang, Kexin Chen, Xiaoguang Duan*, Ling Zhao, Hao Qiu, Xiaoyun Xu*, Xinde Cao. pH-dependent generation of radical and nonradical species for sulfamethoxazole degradation in different carbon/persulfate systems. Water Research, 2022, 224, 119113.

15.     Nan, H., Masek, O., Yang, F., Xu, X., Qiu, H., Cao, X., Zhao, L., 2022. Minerals: A missing role for enhanced biochar carbon sequestration from the thermal conversion of biomass to the application in soil. Earth-Science Reviews 234, 104215.

16.     Yan X, Yang B, He E, et al. Fate and transport of chromium in industrial sites: Dynamic simulation on soil profile[J]. Science of The Total Environment, 2023, 858: 159799.

17.    Chen, M., Chen, X., Xu, X.*, Xu, Z., Zhang, Y., Song, B., Tsang, D., Xu. N., Cao, X., 2022. Biochar colloids facilitate transport and transformation of Cr(VI) in soil: Active site competition coupling with reduction reaction. J. Hazard. Mater. 440, 129691.
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