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2014年SCI收录论文 2018-01-23 1. Xu, X.Y., Cao, X.D.*, Zhao, L., Zhou, H., Luo, Q., Interaction of organic and inorganic fractions of biochar with Pb (ii) ion: further elucidation of mechanisms for Pb(ii) removal by biochar. RSC Adv. 2014. 4 (85): 44930–44937.
2. Xu, X.Y., Cao, X.D.*, Zhao, L., Sun, T.H., Comparison of sewage sludge- and pig manure-derived biochars for hydrogen sulfide removal. Chemosphere 2014. 111: 296–303.
3. Zhao, L., Zheng, W., Cao, X.D.*, Distribution and evolution of organic matter phases during biochar formation and their importance in carbon loss and pore structure. Chem. Engr. J. 2014. 250: 240–247.
4. Zhao, L., Cao, X.D.*, Zheng, W., Kan, Y., Phosphorus-assisted biomass thermal conversion: Reducing carbon loss and improving biochar stability. PLoS ONE 2014 .9(12):e115373.
5. Li, F., Cao, X.D.*, Zhao, L., Wang, J., Ding, Z.L., Effects of mineral additives on biochar formation: Carbon retention, stability, and properties. Environ. Sci. Technol. 2014. 48(19): 11211–11217.
6. Liang, Y., Cao, X.D.*, Zhao, L., Xu, X.Y., Harris, W., Phosphorus release from dairy manure, the manure-derived biochar, and their amended soil: effects of phosphorus nature and soil property. J. Environ. Qual. 2014, 43 (4): 1504–1509.
7. Liang, Y.; Cao, X.; Zhao, L.; Arellano, E., Biochar- and phosphate-induced immobilization of heavy metals in contaminated soil and water: implication on simultaneous remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2014, 21, (6), 4665-4674.
8. Qiu, H.; Vijver, M. G.; Van Gestel, C. A. M.; He, E.; Peijnenburg, W.J.G.M.*, Modeling Cd and Ni toxicity to earthworms with the Free Ion Approach. Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry 2014, 33: 438-46.
9. Qiu, H.*; Vijver, M. G.; Van Gestel, C. A. M.; Peijnenburg, W. J. G. M., Can commonly measurable traits explain differences in metal accumulation and toxicity in earthworm species? Ecotoxicology 2014, 23: 21-32. 

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