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2015年SCI收录论文 2018-01-23

1. Sima, J.; Cao, X.*; Zhao, L.; Luo, Q., Toxicity characteristic leaching procedure over- or under-estimates leachability of lead in phosphate-amended contaminated soils. Chemosphere 2015, 138, 744-750.

2. Zhao, L.; Cao, X.*; Zheng, W.; Wang, Q.; Yang, F., Endogenous minerals have influences on surface electrochemistry and ion exchange properties of biochar. Chemosphere 2015, 136, 133-139.

3. Qiu, H.*; Vijver, M. G.; He, E.; Liu, Y.; Wang, P.; Xia, B.; Smolders, E.; Versieren, L.; Peijnenburg, W. J. M., Incorporating bioavailability into toxicity assessment of Cu-Ni, Cu-Cd, and Ni-Cd mixtures with the extended biotic ligand model and the WHAM-Ftox approach. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2015, 22: 19213-19223.

4. Yang, F., Cao, X.D.*, Gao, B., Zhao, L., Li, F.Y., Short-term effects of rice straw biochar on sorption, emission, and transformation of soil NH4+-N. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2015 (doi:10.1007/s11356-014-4067-1)

5. Chen, M.; Xu, N.*; Cao, X.; Zhou, K.; Chen, Z.; Wang, Y.; Liu, C., Facilitated transport of anatase titanium dioxides nanoparticles in the presence of phosphate in saturated sands. J. Colloid Interface Sci. 2015, 451, 134-143.

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